Teresa 3Teresa Salgueiro is, without a doubt, an unique Artist and, for the past three decades, she personifies an emblematic image of Portugal in the world.

Her path in Music begins in 1986 when, at 17 years of age, she is invited to join the foundation of the Portuguese group Madredeus, later recording nine albums of original music, created especially for her voice. Between 1987 and 2007, twenty years of travelling passed and over more than five million records were sold worldwide. The band became the first international representatives of Portuguese music after Amália Rodrigues. And Teresa Salgueiro, with her discreet and delicate presence and her extraordinary voice was at the forefront of that musical adventure.

Such distinct and renowned Artists such as José Carreras, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Carlos Núnez, Angelo Branduardi or Zbigniew Preisner and Wim Wenders (for whom she worked as an actress in the movie “Lisbon Story”), acknowledged Teresa as one of the greatest contemporary singers.  And so she started to draft her next steps that led her to other recordings and concerts in which she collaborated with different artistes from a wide range of countries.

In 2011, she retreats to the Convent of Arrábida, where she records her first solo record. This time, besides the Production, she writes all the music and lyrics. With O Mistério she continues her non-stop voyage around the world, playing in the most important stages to audiences that rush in, with enthusiasm and curiosity, towards the meeting point with this Voice that they listen with passion and devotion for so many years.

The quality of her interpretations, as well as the technical rigor of the shows that she idealizes, has been praised from both Critics and Audience alike.

The voyage of O Mistério culminated in the creation of original arrangements for a series of Mexican and South American songs, that ended up by becoming an exclusive record for Mexico - La Golondrina y El Horizonte - with World premiere on the highly acclaimed Festival Cervantino.

O Horizonte, her new record is the affirmation of her song writing and lyricist skills, expressed in the creation and interpretation of an original repertoire.

In this new Tour that will take her, once more, to the most prestigious stages around the World, Teresa Salgueiro presents a new show that celebrates her multiplicity, bringing the interpretation of her own songs, original arrangements for Portuguese classics, not forgetting a heartfelt homage to her former group.

Teresa Salgueiro draws a course through an elaborate, delicate and profound web of emotions in which she demonstrates, without a shadow of a doubt, her reputation of a creator of magical ambiences of undisputable beauty.