Lyrics: Teresa Salgueiro
Music: Teresa Salgueiro | Rui Lobato, Óscar Torres, Marlon Valente | Graciano Caldeira


Slowly the eventide
Gilds the fields on the ridge
Let the world fall asleep
In a promise that the moon keeps within

An hour of greatest enchantment
When life recoils itself
And the birds, with their singing,
Rehearse a praise of farewell

It dusks peacefully
All rumours cease
The northern star appears
While all colours fade away

In the houses of the village
The wooden doors and windows
Are closed

The light of an oil lamp
In the mist of silence
Draws silhouettes
In the white wall

The night already goes high
The rooster sings
In the wake    
That seeks for the morning

While sleep moves on
Far away
The church bell tolls
And marks
The wandering Time