Lyrics: Teresa Salgueiro
Music: Teresa Salgueiro | Rui Lobato, Óscar Torres, Marlon Valente | Graciano Caldeira


Aromas and flowers
Sounds, constellations
Stained glass of a thousand colours
Puerile loves and songs
Textures, flavours
Streets, balconies
Poems, praises
Laughter of children and gardens

It was all that was behind
It's all that I lost
A joyful time that left me
Today the memory is what is left of me

The plot thickened and the earth shook
Banners of anger and of the lie that was born

So he told
With a changing voice
The face wrinkled
A darkened skin
A wandering gaze

Such sadness
In the empty night
Growing uncertainty
Of such dark and slow agony

For what was left behind
Is a memory that resists
A joyful time that has forsaken him
The house that he does not know if it is still there

The plot thickened and the earth shook
Standards of anger and madness that came
For it was over, the anger grew
And it sent the darkness that bound the heart

I crossed mountains, I crossed valleys
I walked by storms
I do not know of these stars
I do not know how to guide myself through them

I saw distant horizons
I Crossed seas, I crossed bridges
We are so many on the road
Homeless, aimless

But I return to the emotions
Of yore
That I keep in a perfect place
For they protect memory
They never depart from my heart

Dancing and singing throughout the night
Traditions, an heritage that I remember
The joy of meeting
That illuminates the shadows of this hour

And thus I sow courage
With what I challenge despair
In the dizzying image
With which I chase away
The evil that I suffer from

And now with these emotions
That I keep alive in my heart
Protectors of memory
And thus remembered in a perfect place