Music: Teresa Salgueiro | Carisa Marcelino | Óscar Torres | André Filipe Santos | Rui Lobato
Lyrics: Teresa Salgueiro

White madness
Bitter illusion
That tortures me
I walk blindly without knowing
Which door I will knock on

There must be a way out
A sign of light in my life
I keep opening doors
I want to see
The horizon that they are hidding

Still I hesitated
Almost numb,
There is a wideworld in front of me
I have to know where to go
I'll have to choose
I'll have to leave

I will not go back, No I will not
Not even look back
I will not

I will go with the certainty
(That) There is no return here

I untie the sadness
I’ve loosened the bonds

Light as a dream I'll go

No return
No strings attached