Music: Teresa Salgueiro | Carisa Marcelino | Óscar Torres | André Filipe Santos | Rui Lobato
Lyrics: Teresa Salgueiro

It gets dark
In the alleys and street corners
On the stairs and hills
On the handmade sidewalks
In the beating of my heart
But I do not get tired of walking down
The town where I came to be born
Where the Tejo comes to fall asleep
And it's an open door to the sea
An invitation to sail on
That embraces everyone who wants to come in
It was always so

In the mornings
From Castelo I go down to Alfama
Maze of white houses
Decorated with swallows
Which is the cradle of traditions
Of the old Fado, of the the processions
Of the taverns and the cries of the fishmongers
And in the little streets
The old ballads still echo
And new songs are being written
In praise of the good St. António
That Lisboa worships

I just wanted to draw this melody
The love for my city
A stubborn fantasy

I like to imagine
This ancient Lisbon
Where live all people
Of many races, old and new
The brightest city
Beautiful, magical, radiant
I will always sing
For thee Lisboa
Of all the fairest
Beautiful, magical, radiant
I will always sing (you)