Music: Teresa Salgueiro | Carisa Marcelino | Óscar Torres | André Filipe Santos | Rui Lobato
Lyrics: Teresa Salgueiro

Day of celebration
Let there be joy
This is the time to celebrate
Together we will be on pilgrimage
To thank the Blessed Virgin
On the altar

Again the land was generous
Returned rich harvest
To those who cared for it
And the fair share was made
Harmony rewards those who worked

And once on the moor
Young men and women
Join together to dance
It reminds the sun
Or a bonfire
They will sing all night long
Until morning comes

Cheerful faces, laughter and applause
The dance will begin
The wine awakens the souls
(And) irony will cast
Splinters in the air but
Nobody is angry
All is merryIn this way they heal
The unrevealed sins
And reborn into a new day
A new cycle starts
Let's dance

La la la laLa la la la la la la

It is the dance of the bonfire