Music: Teresa Salgueiro | Carisa Marcelino | Óscar Torres | André Filipe Santos | Rui Lobato
Lyrics: Teresa Salgueiro

Hidden, I contemplate
The beauty of your figure

Secretly, quietly
I will weave a calling

Come with me to see the moonlit night
The whole sky
The brightness of the stars, of all heavenly bodies
Oh How I Wished
(To) mimic their dance, their charm
To undress my hope

In the garden, the fresh dew has kissed
All flowers
The fruits
Shed a mesmerizing scent
Vibrant colors
It is morning already
Come among the trees
Listen to the birdsong
The sweet secret

Distant mirage
From your gaze, a slight wave

When I do not have you close to me
My whole body is a desert
I want to hear the sound of your voice
Soft stream
Look at the East
(To) the oasis that blossoms
Let us taste the nectar of pomegranates
(Let us) drink from the fountains
And I only wish
(That) My hands would become the balm
To heal your wounds